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September 14, 2000

Earlier this summer I received a wonderful gift from Lee Bartley, a researcher with a special interest in Marlborough Township -- a six page document detailing the early history of the Weedmark family in Canada.

Click here to download the document (in .pdf format).

September 10, 2000

I received an e-mail from Bill Weedmark of Old Forge, New York, who tells me that the Weedmarks in that area are descended from his great-grandfather, Archibald Wellington Weedmark, who "ran away from home" as a teenager (1880s) -- home being Carleton Place or Carleton County, Ontario.

August 7, 1999

An interesting query on the Battleford, Saskatchewan page of -- Terris C. Howard writes:

I am looking for information on Robert Malcom? DRUMMOND b. 1868 Ashton? ONT d. 21 Jan 1911 Biggar, SASK m. 10 Dec 1896 [Christ Church, Burritts Rapids, Carleton, ONT] Margaret 'Maggie' WEIDMARK b. 1873 Burritts Rapids, Carleton, ONT. Robert homesteaded on NW 23-35-14W3, which was 160 acres located 4 miles east of Biggar. Robert is buried in the Biggar Cemetery. Margaret 'Maggie' DRUMMOND remarried __?__ HOPKINS.
I would like to find the given name of Mr. HOPKINS and the date that they were married.
Robert and Margaret DRUMMOND had a daughter, Kathleen DRUMMOND b. aft 1896 and she died in Calgary, Alberta. [single]

August 24, 1998

Hi folks,

Today I received a letter from Janice Weidmark in Woodstock, Ontario (my aunt), containing a photocopy of Elizabeth (Pearson) Weidmark's handwritten notes on both Weidmark and Pearson genealogy. Here is the Weidmark family tree, going back to my great-grandfather:

Based on the presence of Wilfrid and Christopher on the tree, but no other grandchildren, I would guess this document was created in early 1956 -- unless she simply stopped writing.

Also included in the papers Janice sent me was this note, unsigned, in what appears to be different handwriting [reproduced here letter for letter]:

Alfred Weedmark

went from Denmark to Scotland. Married a girl from the Orkney Islands. Migrated to the U.S.A.  Settled in N.Y. State near Messena or Watertown before American Revolution, came to Canada with the United Empire Loyalists.

Son Frederick, he married Miss Chester, children Festes, John, Fred, Sara Jane, Pheobe, Mary Ann, James, Sam. Lost Miss Chester. Married again, second family William, Mark and Herman.

Festes married Janet Elliot. Lost one girl, Pheobe. Son William Frederick. Miss Elliott died. Festes married again, Elizabeth Kincaid. They had Ann, Lorne, Pheobe, Ruby, Elmar, Forbs, Arthur.

William Frederick married in 1892, Flora Bennie. Baby Bennie died. One son, John James born April 14th, 1895. William Frederick married again, Anne Sadler, there are Norris, George, Ira, Eric, Cora, Jack's half bros. sisters.

John James is us.

Janice also sent me an undated obituary for Winnie (in the tree above), also reproduced here letter for letter:

W. Weedmark

Winnifred Weedmark, formerly of Smiths Falls, passed away in Brampton December 5th. She was 77 years old.

Mrs. Weedmark was the wife of the late Blaine Tompkins. She is survived by daughters Mrs. Audrey Geddes and Mrs. Pauline Corless; four grandchildren; sisters Mrs. Lulu Moffitt of Kemptville, Mrs. Bertie Haskins of Smiths Falls and Mrs. Ruby McCully of Florida; and by brother Garnet Weedmark of Agincourt.

Funeral service was held at Lannin Funeral Home, Rev. R. A. Sinclair presiding, and interment was at Hillcrest cemetery.

Pallbearers were Grenville Moffitt, Ken Moffitt, Joe Corless, Bill Foley, Emmett Kelly and Percy Butterill.

My previous notes from ...... follow:

In the census of 1871 there are five Weedmarks listed, all Canadian-born, but they record their ancestry as Swedish. I have had some contact with the Wejdmark family in Sweden (who have apparently traced their lineage to the 15th century), but until we find the original Weidmark/Weedmark(s) who came to Upper Canada there is only the possibility our families are related.

On the Links page you will find the Web sites of modern-day Weidmarks who are currently on the Internet.  What follows here are the results of genealogical Web searches -- each is like a single piece from a 10,000 piece puzzle.

1871 Census of Canada - Ontario
You'll get no results on searches for Weidmark, Wejdmark or Widmark.  A search for Weedmark turns up five men: Fredrick, Heman, John, Nelson and Philoman.   All record their birthplace as Ontario, with Philoman the oldest at 56 -- suggesting that an earlier generation of Weedmarks came to Upper Canada before 1816.

Although John records his ancestry as "English", his age (25) puts him in a succeeding generation... based on his residence, Philoman's son?  Harwich Township is in Kent County, in Southwestern Ontario (Chatham area).

Marlborough Township (Ottawa-Carleton) is on the north side of the Rideau River, between Kemptville and Merrickville.  Montague Township (Lanark County) is its westerly neighbour, between Merrickville and Smiths Falls.

"Rel" followed by code letters refers to religions.  Fredrick, John and Nelson were WM = Wesleyan Methodist; Heman was BA = Baptist; and Philoman was UV = Universalist.

Tulare County (California) Great Register of 1898
Andrew Weidmark, age 31, from Canada, turns up on this registry of people living in Tulare County in central California (near Sequoia National Park).  Andrew was living in West Porterville.

1900 Census of Tulare County, California
Andrew Weidmark does not appear on this list -- was he missed by the census takers, or had he moved on?  We do find a family of Weedmarks, however:   Canadian-born James A. Weedmark, a 42-year-old farmer; his wife Jennie, also 42 (American-born); and their sons George R. (10), Ray M. (6), and Charles (4).  The family stayed at this location, with Porterville obituary records indicating James living to the age of 93, and Ray to age 90.

Finding Andrew Weidmark in the same time and place cannot be a coincidence, but I can only guess at the nature of his relationship to James A. Weedmark.

Canadian Expeditionary Force (World War I)
A search of the database here turns up 13 Weedmarks, and two Weidmarks -- Calvin and Lorne Festus.  I acquired the military records for these two from the National Archives of Canada.

An antique bottle, "Calvin Weidmark Ginger Beer, Smith Falls" turned up on a list of auction items (sold), but the reference is no longer on the Web.

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
This is a "pointer database" -- lists of internments in Ontario cemeteries that you can download.  The Weidmarks in the database include:

Obviously searches on the Web can only scratch the surface, but they do point us in some interesting directions.  The serious work will be done in archives, and at the moment I do not have much time for that.

However, I thought it would be helpful to throw up this Web site as a way of sharing information and making connections. If you are interested in the history of the Weidmark family (or our cousins with different spellings), please feel free to get in touch.



What follows is a transcription of Elizabeth (Pearson) Weidmark's handwritten notes on the Pearson family tree. All placenames are in Ontario, Canada, unless otherwise noted.

Samuel Pearson (1762-1847) - Rachael McKay (1767-1841)


Samuel was born in County Cork, Ireland. He emigrated to Virginia at a very early age. There he married Rachael MacKay. Following the revolution he came with his wife and settled on the St. Lawrence west of Prescott, now Ontario Highway #2, where the home he built is still in use. There are no records that show who of his children, if any, were born in the U.S.A. In their late years they lived with their son Thomas McKay, near Easton's Corners, and their graves are marked by white slab stones to the west of the Chapel in Wolford Cemetery.

Thomas McKay Pearson (1796-1881) - Elizabeth Graville

John, Samuel, William, Jane, Rachel, and Olive are buried in Merrickville Cemetery. Thomas and Elizabeth are buried in Woldford Cemetery.

John H. Pearson (1826-1897) - Lydia Wickware (1826-1906)


John and Lydia Pearson's family were born near Easton's Corners and moved to the farm on 43 Hwy, 2 miles west of Acton's Corners about 1870. They both died there and are buried in the Merrickville Union Cemetery. The youngest child Herbert carried on the farm till old age, when he retired to live in Kemptville, dying at the age of 92.

Emily's husband Hiram Watts worked for his father in the "Carriage Shop" making wagons, etc. He took over the business and was followed by his son, Howard, a blacksmith doing all sorts of repair (wagons, etc.) work.

Wellington had a grocery store in Blenheim for many years. They had no children, but adopted Hilton, son of Simon, after his death. Wellington, his wife Amanda, and Hilton are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Blenheim.

Sylvester also lived in Blenheim; two little daughters died there, and a third younger child, Pearl, was also born there in 1896, after which the family moved to British Columbia. Pearl died in 1988. Other descendants are still in the Sardis, B.C. area.

Simon and his wife were killed in a bridge collapse on Vancouver Island, leaving their three sons, Hilton, Alfred and Percy. The boys were brought east to relatives. Irene Porter of Vancouver is Percy's daughter. Lorna Shaw of Sardis is Sylvester's granddaughter.

Wallace, a cheesemaker, went to the Rainy River District with his wife and two sons. Two daughters were born there. His descendants still live in the area.

Sydney took up farming next to his boyhood home at Acton's Corners in 1910 and lived there until his death in 1937.

John Sydney Pearson (1868-1937) - Theresa Lerns (1873-1961) (NOTE - Theresa's surname difficult to read)


Harry served in World War I, came back wounded in April 1918. In 1920 he married Lily Weir. Their children are Norma (Arendsen), Belleville, and Wm. K. (Bill) Pearson, now of Smiths Falls. Harry was the Kemptville postmaster from 1921 to his retirement, and was followed by his son till he retired. Norma has no children. Bill's family: his wife, Joyce, children Alan, Wendy and Jill.

Kathleen, at the age of 9, went to Merrickville to live with great uncle William and his daughter Mary. She never married. At Mary's death she built a home in Kemptville, which she retained until her death in 1985. The last seven years of her life were spent in the Hilltop Nursing Home, Merrickville. She is buried in the Merrickville Cemetery.

Martha trained as a nurse in Ottawa. In 1929 she married Milton Waterson, a farmer, and lived in the farmhouse till her death in 1985. Her children are John of Coldwater, his wife Georgina Evans and their children David, Catherine, Kevin, Peter, Patricia and her daughter Maureen Terry of Tillsonburg, husband Donald Terry, sons Douglas and Jim.

Harry and his wife Lily are buried in the Oxford Mills Cemetery. Martha and husband Milton are buried in the Kemptville Cemetery.

Elizabeth (Bessie) taught rural schools for five years, and in 1929 married Garnet Norman Weidmark.

Garnet Norman Weidmark (1901-1979) - Elizabeth Pearson (1904-    )